Commercial Law / Legal Compliance

Commercial Law / Legal Compliance

McDonald Legal brings an authoritative mix of expertise, experience and commercial understanding to every matter, our clients benefit from our pragmatic and cost-effective outcomes. McDonald Legal have the capability to tackle the full range of commercial issues and transactions for our clients in the business world.

Our legal services include advising on and implementing:

  • business structures including partnerships, joint ventures and companies, and discretionary unit trusts or hybrid trusts;
  • business succession strategies, including the preparation of both shareholder and buy/sell agreements;
  • asset protection strategies;
  • purchases and sales of businesses;
  • commercial agreements from the common to the uncommon;
  • trademarks, including registration and dealing with infringements;
  • liquor licensing, including transfers;
  • resolving business disputes, including the breakdown of a business partnership in a way that avoids costly and protracted litigation;
  • franchising, including preparing and advising on franchise agreements.

Corporate Services

Our corporate services include:

  • advice on appropriate corporate structures;
  • changes in share capital (terms, allotment or share structures);
  • corporate loans and debt obligations;
  • equity participation and equity holder agreements.

Our services in this area include:

  • preparing investment agreements, structures and negotiation for e-commerce start-ups;
  • advising on online publishing including copyright and defamation issues;
  • preparing software/web development agreements;
  • handling privacy law compliance issues, such as drafting privacy policies;
  • preparing employment/independent contractor agreements;
  • preparing terms and conditions / supply agreements.